Meet scramble — a founder-to-founder growth financing community. We provide supplementary founder financing at the earliest stages where money from investors and creditors isn’t readily available

For a growth founder, fundraising is the core business process

Most early stage start-ups are «default dead»:
they will cease to exist unless founders raise capital.


your time dealing with fundraising
one way or another

Supplementary founder financing dramatically changes fundraising outcomes

Fundraising is time-consuming and erratic. Convenient access to supplementary financing helps founder stay in control. When you’re not scrambling to fundraise, you have more capacity to work on the business.

You understand customers better, design products better, hire people better, and yes, can afford to accept only good offers from investors

Scramble is the founder-driven platform for supplementary financing

We provide supplementary financing to founders
in a three-step process

  1. Platform jointly with member founders forms and develops high-trust founder community

  2. Platform pre-approves credit limit to each founder based on employability in case current business fails

  3. Founders decide who is actually funded using mutual repayment guarantees


High-trust founder community

Trust among founder members is at the heart of the value that scramble platform provides. We invite new member founders based on their proven integrity, competence, and willingness to help other founders succeed.

Mutual repayment guarantee is your calculated bet on the founders you personally trust

Financing remains founder-friendly regardless if your company succeeds or fails

If my company succeeds

Worst case, I repay 2x the original loan. Even if all of my swap pairs fail, cost of money is still 10x lower than for an equity investment

If my company fails

Best case, all of my debt is repaid by my swap pairs. While my own business may fail, I will end up with little to no outstanding debt

Scramble fits unique niche relative to classic financing providers

Available when business success is still highly uncertain. Convenient and informal process

  • vs. early-stage investors
    • 10x less expensive
    • Not limited to the ‘next google/uber’ technology start-ups
    • Zero involvement in management
  • vs. alternative lenders
    • Financing not capped at 3-5x monthly revenue — available up to 250x monthly revenue
    • Safe in case of business failure — no hidden charges or «unconventional» collection methods
    • Earliest financing available — only $100+ monthly recurring revenue
  • vs. classic banks
    • Not interested in your personal credit history or assets
    • Business can be just three months old and unprofitable
    • Decisions made by peer founders, not bureaucrats

Key financing features

  • 100 000 $

    maximum amount per founder

  • 60 months

    to repay in equal monthly payments

  • 3 / 6 / 12

     disbursed monthly

  • 5 %

    p. a. base interest, revenue sharing over 12 months

  • Swap

    pairs pay for me if my company fails

  • x

    Maximum exposure if all swap founders fail: 2x of own loan

Want to learn more?

Scramble is an invitation-only founder community

If you want to learn more about scramble or request a membership, please share your Facebook and LinkedIn profiles with us. We will check in with our current founder members and get back to you!